ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades, Vol. II (2005-2018)

ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades, Vol. II (2005-2018)


Vol. II is a continuation of Vol. I, highlighting how ultimate has advanced from 2005-2018 and looking toward what is in store for the future of the sport.

Vol. II was expanded to 224 pages with over 200 photos. You wouldn’t think just 14 years would have a lot to cover, but what an amazing time period:

  • UPA to USAU

  • Tom Crawford is Hired

  • Triple Crown Tour Begins

  • Semi-Pro Leagues are Born… and Die

  • Gender Equity Backlash

  • Expansion of the Masters Division

  • College Division Grows and Adds D-III

  • Youth Division Explodes

  • Local Leagues Grow Exponentially

  • Ultimate Expands Around the Globe

  • and much more…

You may be surprised how much you didn’t know happened… or at least the details you didn’t know about. And of course it covers much of what happened on the field especially at the National Championships. Over 600 players and over 200 teams are highlighted plus a huge gallery of the best photos taken over the past 14 years is included.

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