Ultimate History
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Ultimate History, Vol. II

ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades, Vol. II picks up where Volume I leaves off, chronicling the fast-paced sport and forever immortalizing the players who make Ultimate what it is – the greatest sport on earth.

Both issues are available for sale.

For information on the Vol. III eBook covering the History of the Disc, Evolution of Rules and SOTG, and the Ultimate Hall of Fame, click here

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Ultimate History

“I love watching ultimate. I think it’s the best spectator sport I’ve ever seen. But just like back in 2004, when I saw there were no books on the history of ultimate, now there were no books covering 2005–2018. Without a written history of the sport, it’s almost impossible to learn about the teams and athletes. Even the people who play the sport do not have access to what happened outside of the relatively few teams they have played with and against. I published these books, Vol. I and II, so the names of the best athletes and their teams, including their amazing accomplishments, would not fade away with time.”

—Joe Seidler, Publisher


Ultimate History Vol. I

The first volume is a reprint of the highly acclaimed first history book, ULTIMATE – The First Four Decades, highlighting the history of ultimate from 1968-2004.

Ultimate History Vol. II

The new, second volume highlights how ultimate has advanced from 2005-2018 and looking toward what is in store for the future of the sport. This volume was expanded to 224 pages with over 200 photos. You wouldn’t think just 14 years would have a lot to cover, but what an amazing time period:

  • UPA to USAU

  • Tom Crawford is Hired

  • Triple Crown Tour Begins

  • Semi-Pro Leagues are Born… and Die

  • Gender Equity Backlash

  • Expansion of the Masters Division

  • College Division Grows and Adds D-III

  • Youth Division Explodes

  • Local Leagues Grow Exponentially

  • Ultimate Expands Around the Globe

  • and much more…

You may be surprised how much you didn’t know happened… or at least the details you didn’t know about. And of course it covers much of what happened on the field, especially at the National Championships. Over 600 players and over 200 teams are highlighted, plus a huge gallery of the best photos taken over the past 14 years is included.

Ultimate History Vol. III

Additionally, a third book, Vol. III, is now available as an “eBook”. The eBook has 60 pages and over 30 rarely seen photos, covering:

• History of the Disc

• Evolution of the Rules & SOTG

• Ultimate Hall of Fame

For information on the Vol. III eBook, click here


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“I really love ULTIMATE—The First Five Decades, Vol. I. I learned so much about the Condors which feels weird because I was there in the late 70’s, but I guess I never asked the right questions. I really couldn’t put it down. It’s a great mix of the human stories, the history and the stats. Great job!”

Adam Rosen

“Ultlmate: Vol ll is another must-have for any player, fan or student of the game. Rich with rarely-seen photos and personal insights from those who made our history, this volume continues the amazing story of how the ultimate game has grown into its early promise.”


“I received the book and I can’t put it down… great writing and the broad history of ultimate is GREAT!  I really enjoy the book. Thank you so very much!”

Mike Gross, Photographer

“Just cracked open my new copy of ULTIMATE—The First Five Decades, Vol. II —Congrats Joe on a beautiful book. Loved the images, writing (great review of the history of the pro leagues)… just loved the whole damn thing. I laughed out loud at the pic of His Holiness holding the plastic -great shot! And a tour de force surprise of surprises… when I turned the last page and the dust jacket popped up… and what’s this I see printed on the back of the dust jacket??? No spoiler alert here but it was awesome! May I recommend only viewing the back side of the dust jacket by starting after the last page on the book, slowly from right to left working your way around the back side of the book for maximal viewing pleasure. I f’ing loved it!”

Dan Hyslop

“Buy this book. And it’s companion, Ultimate: The First Five Decades (Vol I), which has been reprinted to accompany the sequel. I’m serious. Think of it like buying a lifetime USA Ultimate membership — it may seem expensive at the time, but year after year you end up kicking yourself for not doing so earlier as you keep coming back. With a book like this, you may never get another chance… This is our history, in prose and pictures, both beautifully composed and printed. It’s worth owning.”

To see the entire review, visit Ultiworld

“Ultimate the First Five Decades (VOL II) not only captures the numbers, the titles, the feats, but the spirits and the movements that have shaped ultimate since 2005. Whether it be the explosion of ultimate media, the battle for a more equitable community, or the merits of referee versus observers, this book puts a spotlight on the individuals and events which impacted our movement that started in 1970.”

To see the entire review, visit Skyd Magazine




Volume II rounds out major Ultimate milestones and events that occurred between 2005–2018, with accounts from a broader group of players, authors and writers. Spot them on the field and say hello!



William “Bunny” Bartram
Heather Ann Brauer
Michelle “Chip” Chang
Kevin Cramer
Will Deaver
Suzanne “Suz” Fields
Robert “Nob” Rauch
Dan “Stork” Roddick
Isaac “Ike” Saul
Kyle Weisbrod

Comic Strip Creators

by Megan Praz & Meghan Kemp-Gee

Sidebar Writers

Michelle “Chip” Chang
Kevin Cramer
Manisha “Slap” Daryani
Will Deaver
Rebecca “Bex” Forth
Eli Janin
Luke Johnson
Evan Lepler
Niki Lesniak
Grant Lindsley
Alex “Queenie” Matovu
Steve “Moons” Mooney
Mauricio Moore
Manix Narayanan
Anna Nazarov
Carolyn Normile
Robert “Nob” Rauch
Julia Sherwood
Qxhna Titcomb
Johanna von Toggenburg
Patrick van der Valk
Kyle Weisbrod
Tad Wissel


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ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades
Vol. I (1968-2004)

A history of Ultimate from 1968 to 2004. This Volume is a reprint of ULTIMATE–The First Four Decades.

  • 9x12 inch hardcover

  • 208 pages

$39.50 plus shipping and tax


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ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades
Vol. II (2005-2018)

A continued history of Ultimate, covering the sport from 2005 to 2018.

  • 9x12 inch hardcover

  • 224 pages with over 200 photos

$39.50 plus shipping and tax


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ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades
Vol. I & II (1968-2018)

Order a complete set, covering the first 5 decades of Ultimate. Ordering Volumes I and II together has a lower shipping cost than ordering them separately.

$79.00 plus shipping and tax


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